Project Statement

This body of work represents my Artist Ranch experience depicting separate emotions – a playful personal journey highlighting bursts of energy, enthusiasm and excitement, contrasted by a deeper, more reflective, understanding of our ranching heritage with humility, compassion, curiosity, mystery, and awe.


Journey Back in Time

Visiting the OH and BarU ranches was like a step back in time. With child-like wonder, I recall days gone by on my grandfather’s farm. What may not have been evident back then became very clear through more mature eyes – the pioneering spirit, the deep connection between man and nature, community connections, and the simplicity of a life well lived.


The pieces representing the personal side of this collection embrace the core values of ranching life – community, cultivation, and sustainability. My curiosity for better understanding where our food comes from inspired these pieces. The colours are representative of my youthful, joyful, more energetic, and spontaneous, carefree side.


The Pioneering Spirit

Although there was much to do at the ranch, there was also ample time to wander alone, reflect, and find deeper meaning. During these moments, walking amidst some of the most fertile ground in the world and gazing upon majestic coulees, ridges, and meadows, I found myself pondering the tragic loss of this precious heritage. We have been given this gift – everything from the land beneath our feet thrust upwards to the all-encompassing sky, including all living things that inhabit it – and it is our responsibility to steward this inheritance in a responsible fashion. The pieces representing this side of the collection depict the majestic glory of the land, the communities that have gathered to enjoy its abundance, and our reliance on it for sustenance.


As I surrender to the patchwork of mark-making and layering, coupled with a kaleidoscope of colours, line and shape become heightened. The applied hard-edged images float effortlessly across the picture plane, as if transcending from above and resting gently on the land. These applications depict the boldness and fearless nature of ranching life.